NAOS Arquitectura

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About NAOS Arquitectura

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NAOS Arquitectura

NAOS Arquitectura has been developing projects since 1991 in both, the public and private domains, with the aim of providing unique and innovate proposals, linked to the idea of environmental integration, quality, and flexibility.

Santiago González is the founding partner of NAOS Arquitectura, degree in Architecture at Polytechnic University in Madrid in 1985.

Driving this studio are Santiago González García (director), Paula Costoya Carro, Mónica Fernández Garrido and Miguel Porras Gestido, who lead a team of professionals.

Their office is based in A Coruña (Spain) and carries out projects throughout Spain and other countries on sports and cultural architecture, urban, residential, commercial, administrative design, restoration of historic buildings as well as tourism and leisure-oriented projects.

Our projects meet the initial requirements of the client, having as main objective the creation of buildings and areas that meet both the defined program and the proposed requirements.

They are conscious that each project in this sense is a step forward to construct a clean future, healthful and respectful with the nature.

NAOS Arquitectura answers to specific environmental requirements, crediting itself as a pioneering studio of architecture in its field in applying and adapting the sustainability norms.