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About Nikken Sekkei

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Nikken SekkeiNikken Sekkei is a professional services firm engaging in architectural design, supervision and urban design, as well as related research, planning and consulting activities. Under our corporate vision of “more than creative,” through the collaborative efforts of our in-house architects, designers, engineers, planners, and consultants, we provide designs and solutions that are both creative and feasible.

For over 110 years since the foundation of Nikken Sekkei in 1900, we have responded to the demands of society and the various requests of our clients with the aim of contributing to the creation of better buildings and social environments. The Nikken Sekkei Group as a whole has been entrusted with in the order of 25,000 projects throughout not only Japan but some 40 other countries as well, covering a broad range of areas including master plans and mixed-use developments, transportation (airports and railway stations), offices, R&D, education and culture, production and logistics, health care and welfare, commerce, hotels, and residential complexes.

Urbanization is progressing rapidly in the world today. To address the challenges that arise from this, Nikken Sekkei uses the know-how and technologies it has cultivated over its long years of experience and proposes solutions such as the development of smart cities and smart TOD (Transit Oriented Development).

In recent years, the wave of natural disasters caused by global warming is forcing the entire world to choose what direction to take on energy policies. Moreover, as the limits to the 20th century-style socio-economic system become apparent, indeed, it could be said that the time has come for us to rebuild society on a global scale.

To address the increasingly diversified and complex issues of today, the Nikken Group will continue to provide one-stop, life-cycle services across a wide range of areas from urban policy proposals to urban development, architectural design, and interior and furniture design.

Precisely because this is a rapidly changing age, we will continue to strive as a team of professionals at the cutting edge of socio-environmental design to listen sincerely to the voices of society and our clients, and guarantee our unwavering commitment to value and quality.

Tadao Kamei
President & CEO
Nikken Sekkei LTD