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About PichArchitects

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PICHARCHITECTSThe study, initiated in 1986, is a society limited Pich-Aguilera, arquitectos, sl, with two associated architects Felipe Pich-Aguilera Baurier and Teresa Batlle Pagès.

In 2012 a new society linked to Pich-Architects was founded: PiBarquitecturaSix, slp, with two founding partners and four new partners: Margherita Aricó, Pau Casaldáliga, Ute Müncheberg and Jordi Paris, all of them architects. In 2014 the architect Jordi Camps join the society.

Both societies encompass a common international brand named Picharchitects.

Throughout the years the office has relied on specialists in several areas that have made possible steady collaborations and interdisciplinary approaches in the development of the projects.

The introduction in the office of the ISO PROCEDURE 9001 has forced us to establish a methodology and a few programs to realize our projects with quality and professionalism, as well as the building directions and all the works that are proper of an architecture office.