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PINEARQPINEARQ is an Architecture Studio founded by Albert de Pineda in 1998, specialised in developing projects for Healthcare Buildings, Research Centres, Schools and Markets; with international projection in countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

He has been granted various Architecture awards, such as the FAD Prize (Hospital de Mar and Biomedical Research Park in Barcelona, along with Brullet-deLuna Arquitectes), the NAN Prize (Hospital Residencial Do Mar), the Década Prize (La Concepción Market), Julio Galán Carvajal Prize (Hospital Marítimo de Oza, along with Andrés Reboredo).

Albert de Pineda, in addition to founder, head architect and general manager of the PINEARQ studio, is also a Professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

Architect Albert Pineda and his long-time partner Manuel Brullet have worked extensively in Barcelona and its metro area. The firm is specialized in doin’ hospitals and clinics, and among his most celebrated works are the Hospital del Mar rehabilitation and the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona (PRBB) to be finished this 2005 and already another architectural attraction for Barcelona.