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About RBTA – Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

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Ricardo BofillRicardo Bofill Leví (born December 5, 1939), is a Spanish architect, who, since 1963, continues to lead the international architectural and urban design practice Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. Ricardo Bofill was born into a family of builders in 1939 in Barcelona, Spain. He studied at the Barcelona University School of Architecture and graduated from the School of Geneva. At the age of seventeen Ricardo Bofill designed his first project, a summer home in Ibiza, and by twenty-three became lead architect of el Taller. Over fifty years later, Bofill still leads Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, with over 1000 projects to date in over 50 countries.

Taller de Arquitectura, with headquarters in Barcelona, accomplishes a collective and elaborate system for project design, establishing a technical collaboration in all countries where it undertakes projects. It is a practice composed of a structure which endeavours for the highest quality, capable of conceiving and carrying out projects anywhere in the world. With this aim the ‘Taller’ uses all of its means available: modern techniques, human resources, the professional expertise of each individual and the efficient organization of its structure.

This multidisciplinary international team takes on projects of city planning, transport, leisure, housing and offices. In their conception these projects include the design components: furniture, sculpture and interior design. City design, as applied in the European cities of Bordeaux, Luxembourg, Rome, Prague, Warsaw, Kobe and Madrid, as well as in Boston, U.S.A. In China stands out the project for Qingdao Olympic Games village, a proposal for a new district in Beijing, Landmark Buildings, an high-rise building complex, the Shangri-la Hotel, Sunshine Upper East and The Reflection residential complex, all under construction. The ‘Antigone’ neighbourhood in Montpellier is a tangible example of a project on a grand scale, a part of the city which has been designed and constructed by this team during twenty years.