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About Richard Meier & Partners Architects

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Richard MeierFor over four decades, Richard Meier & Partners has been appointed to create important public and private buildings. We aspire to thoughtful, elegant contemporary architecture that exceeds our Clients’ expectations for beauty and elegance, fulfills complex programmatic and operational needs, is expressed with an economy of means, constructed in a reasonable time frame, and sustainable for future generations. This is achieved through an intensively collaborative integrated design approach with the entire Project Team (Owner, Design Team, and GC or CM) to set appropriate goals and expectations, study the best options to accommodate and express them in a meaningful way, with scrupulous attention to detail.

The work of Richard Meier & Partners is instantly recognizable and internationally respected. Our projects have received 30 National Honor Awards from the American Institute of Architects and over 50 from the New York AIA and other regional chapters. Our offices in New York and Los Angeles employ a multicultural staff of talented professionals that has produced construction documents for, and supervised construction in, 16 countries and eight languages.

Our practice has extensive experience across a broad range of building types and sizes: cultural facilities, government buildings & courthouses, libraries & educational buildings, media production facilities, industrial research complexes, corporate headquarters, hotels, and private residences. The firm is well known for the The Getty Center in Los Angeles, Federal Courthouses on Long Island and in Phoenix, the Jubilee Church in Rome, and the iconic Charles and Perry Street Towers in New York City. We have produced important office buildings and headquarters in the United States and across Europe in Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands for companies like Canal+, Siemens, KNP, Daimler Benz, Olivetti, Renault, and SwissAir. We have also built almost 20 museums, including the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and more recent Burda and Arp Museums in Germany.