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About Risco Architects

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Risco ArchitectsRisco is an architecture and urban design firm based in Lisbon and managed by Tomás Salgado, Nuno Lourenço, Carlos Cruz and Jorge Estriga.

Our portfolio includes more than two hundred projects, in various programme areas, of which approximately fifty are built and in use. Among these are the Belém Cultural Centre (in association with Vittorio Gregotti), the Public Spaces for EXPO’98 and Luz Hospital, in Lisbon; the Antas Urban Project and Dragão Stadium, in Porto; the New Cruise Ship Terminal in Ponta Delgada, Azores; and the Sky Buildings, in Luanda.

Risco was founded in 1974, at the time as a graphic and industrial design firm. In 1984, Manuel Salgado purchased the company and gradually transformed it into an urban planning and architecture firm, which he led until 2007. During those twenty-three years, Manuel Salgado managed Risco in a way that was unusual in the Portuguese architectural scene, encouraging teamwork throughout the entire project, taking on the role more of a “maestro” than a “soloist”. When he left the company to occupy a position as Councilman for the Municipality of Lisbon, Risco’s third lifecycle began effortlessly. A cycle in which leadership was taken on by the four architects who, since 1995, had been coordinating some of the firm’s most important projects.