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Rojkind ArquitectosMichel Rojkind was born in Mexico City, where he studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana (1989-1994). After working on his own for several years, he teamed up with Isaac Broid and Miquel Adria to establish Adria+Broid+Rojkind (1998-2002).

With the idea of exploring new challenges that address contemporary society, of designing compelling experiences that go beyond mere functionality, and of connecting at a deeper level with the intricacies of each project, in 2002 he established an independent firm: rojkind arquitectos, recognized by Architectural Record in 2005 as one of the ten best “Design Vanguard” firms.

By addressing users’ needs directly and seeing them as potential sources of inspiration and strength, rojkind arquitectos seeks new directions in architectural practice, evoking common identities through the exploration of uncharted geometries that address questions of space, function, technology, materials, structure, and construction methods related directly to geography, climate, and local urban experiences.

By pursuing all projects that represent a particular design challenge, rojkind arquitectos has been able to develop a wide and ever-growing spectrum of design initiatives, from the intimacies of small objects to the intricacies of large buildings and master plans.

Recently Michel Rojkind has been short-listed to participate in several large-scale international projects, in countries including Mexico, Canada, Kuwait, China, Dubai, Singapore and Spain. In addition to being a regular contributor in several architectural and design publications in books, magazines, newspapers and websites from all over the world, he has served as guest editor in different architectural and art magazines.

Rojkind has held several visiting professorships at various universities, given lectures, and participated in exhibitions in many countries. He’s actually a jury member at WAN (World Architecture News), WAF (World Architecture Festival), and IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) “The Self Sufficient City”.

Besides being a member of the “SCI-Arc Future Initiatives Network”, Rojkind was selected “Emerging Voices” New York, 2010. Part of his recent most representative lectures are “TEDx”, 2010, and “3rd Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction”, 2010.

Rojkind ArquitectosRojkind arquitectos is a Mexico City – based innovative firm whose work spans across a diverse and global platform providing solutions to contemporary architectural and urban strategies. We are nurtured by a multinational team, gathering experts from all fields that are involved in a highly collaborative, research and experimental based design process.

We are committed to achieving design excellence; but above all, we pursue a fascination for thorough investigation and exploration of contemporary programs, latest technologies and the translation of complex digital design into simple solutions for local fabrication. The result: a wide spectrum of design initiatives, from the intimacies of small objects to the complexities of large buildings and master plans.

By understanding that our profession is at constant flux (economical, political, social) we are willing to take risks and pursue uncommon paths by providing urban strategies that are able to go beyond what is expected or what is normally a given.

Rojkind arquitectos has won several Honors and Awards, including Interior Design’s Best of Year 2011 Award, as well as Arch Daily’s Building of the Year 2011 Award. The firm was recognized by Architectural Record in 2005 as one of the ten best “Design Vanguard” firms. In 2010 Michel invited Gerardo Salinas, AIA to become the firm’s frst partner.