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About Upi-2M

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Upi-2MUpi – 2M founded in 2005 by the owners of the design company whose main activities have been architectural and structural design.

Upi – 2M BOOKS is creating a regional leadership in publishing and sales of the architectural, civil engineering and design editions.

Upi – 2M is a design company from Zagreb, Croatia. The main company’s business operations include: architectural design, structural design, consulting and design.

Upi – 2M is dedicated to provide their clients with the core of a full design package – architecture & structure, starting from the very beginning of each project. By integrating those two elements as a whole, along with other disciplines, it explores and conceives unique and integral project solutions.

Thanks to such holistic approach, till now, the company has successfully created numerous project assignments and conceived many structural and architectural solutions, always exploring and implementing modern methods and contemporary approaches.

Upi – 2M believe in absolute, unconditional architecture, they love to perform contemporary design and new features, they enjoy in spatial challenges and quality ethereal solutions, they have an open attitude to design, they respect human friendly housing, we aim to follow our clients` needs and they always wish to achieve effectiveness and realization.