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About X-TU Architects

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Through several buildings, X-TU Architects have built up a refined language, precise, which is expressed by serene and light volumes, placed Frankly and thereFore withhold a unique Force oF impact. R spirit oF «minimalism” has been evoked in their consideration, but it would be, without doubt, more true to see it as, shopes poeticolly implied in their volumes with the Fullness oF their materials. The energy put in their constructions, the rational use oF the construction resources, robust details, Fronk color scheme giving o balance between blocks and large spaces, show that all entities ore treoted very distinctly.

The optness and the reFusal oF ostentation represents a very demanding potience ond research. The main lines oF their buildings contain sobriety www.aooale.fr providing From strong images thoroughly settled, images which appear From the observations oF powerFul sites.

Raymond Balau
Critique d’art et d’architecture – Bruxelles