Xavier Font-Alfa Polaris

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About Xavier Font-Alfa Polaris

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Xavier Font-Alfa PolarisXavier Font Solà is Civil engineer experienced in regional planning, site development and structural and bridge design. For the last seventeen years I’ve been involved in the design and construction process of twenty-eight bridges, fifteen of which have been built under my supervision.

Some of my works have been given prizes from international engineering, architectural and restoration awards, and have been published at several books, magazines and web sites from all around the world.

I regularly give lectures on engineering at international conferences. From 2008 on, I teach Creative Engineering Design at the School of Civil Engineering of Barcelona (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Alfa Polaris S.L. (January 2007-present)

At the beginning of 2007, I started again to work for my own company, and I’m currently involved in the concept design, the detailing documents and the site supervision of various schemes.

I worked as a Bridge Designer and Project Manager for MLM Consulting Engineers. I designed structures according to the British Codes and applying CDM regulations. I attended in-house Health and Safety and welfare courses as well as Quality Assurance ones. I encouraged the use of 3D CAD techniques among my colleagues and employers, and promoted them giving in-house speeches. I was member of the team that carried out detailing documents for a new highway; I was in charge of the design of a major bridge over a mainline railway. I worked as Project Manager of two footbridge design projects for two Spanish clients. I negotiated the contracts and was the responsible to the clients for these jobs. I lead a team of engineers and CAD technicians which delivered tender and construction stage documents to a fixed deadline.

Alfa Polaris S.L. (March 1992-March 2005)

Alfa Polaris is my own firm which is dedicated to civil engineering design as well as urban and regional planning. There I have the responsibility of obtaining contracts, negotiation with customers and the direction of the teams who carry out the work. In the field of civil engineering I have designed bridges, roads, river canalizations, municipal equipment and so on. Most of the projects have received the approval of the Catalan Environmental Agency when needed, and had to be designed following sustainable and environmental principles, as well as Health & Safety policy according to the Spanish Laws. We have worked for the Diputació de Barcelona, the Vallès Oriental County Council and several borough councils and private companies of Catalonia. Most of the works that I have designed were constructed afterwards under my supervision. I also worked for the Pla Territorial Metropolità de Barcelona of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which was the regional planning agency of the Regional Government of Catalonia. For them, in collaboration with Mcrit, S.L. consulting, I was involved in several studies on the impact of large infrastructures in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and the planning and preliminary design of two railway stations for new high speed train lines.