100 11th Avenue

100 11th Ave, New York - United States, Jean Nouvel Atelier
Construction year: 2010
Address: 100 11th Ave | NEW YORK | United States
Latitude/Longitude: 40.74612, -74.00766

During The Armory Show Week 2010, French architect Jean Nouvel was in New York for the preview of his new and nearly completed residential tower called 100 11th Avenue. The building is located at the intersection of 19th Street and the West Side Highway, along the Hudson River in Manhattan and facing another building by a star architect, Frank Gehry’s headquarters for the IAC. The 23-story tower features a curtain wall that was inspired equally by the famous stained glass window cycle at Saint-Chapelle in Paris and the optical effects of the sun on the Hudson River. It’s a mosaic of nearly 1,700 different-sized panes of colorless glass, each set at a unique angle and torque. At the base of the building, Jean Nouvel placed an additional seven-story street wall of mullioned glass 15 feet from the building’s façade to reflect fleeting images of life beyond the building while creating a semi-enclosed atrium. The north and east façades of 100 11th Avenue are clad in black brick that references the masonry characteristic of West Chelsea’s industrial architecture.

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