12 Avgerinou Str. Panorama

Construction year: 2004
Address: 12 Avgerinou Street, Panorama | THESSALONIKI | Greece
Latitude/Longitude: 40.57799, 23.02857

The house is set on a very steep inclined site which develops on an east-west axis, densely planted with pine trees. The critical items in the clients’ brief was an energy conservation design of the building’s shell, the combination of introvert protection of the private realm of the house and the opening up of the living area to the view and the greenery, while exploiting all local natural materials and resources.The demand for clarity and distinct presence of each function within a well defined whole, resulted in the formation of two intersecting rectangular volumes of different sizes.

The solid volume created through the intersection was the main core of the house while the aisles of the asymmetrical cross formed, ended up in semi open spaces. The curve that leads the way to the main entrance enhances the feeling of a well enclosed interior space. The linear development of the building is also evident in its interior disposition with the austere spatial continuity of the roofed balcony, the open plan living room and the atrium.

The overall abstract composition presents an inner link to the traditional greek domestic architecture, mostly evident on a typological level, consciously avoiding all clear references to morphological and stylistic features.The architectural disposition responds to all energy saving and orientation facts. The closed curved stone outer shell of the building to the north, referring to a shell, allows only small openings for ventilation, while the entrance is well protected from the wind by a closed portico.

To the south large glass openings allow – through a system of wooden permanent shades – the sunlight to enter during the winter. During the summer protection from direct sunlight is provided while permitting the warm air to circulate. To the west, where there’s usually the best view of the city, there is a transitional space with the form of an open gallery protected by vertical shutters. All of these elements have also a very positive contribution on a morphological level while actually distinctly differentiate the facades of the house.

The disposition of the main living areas of the house allows their natural ventilation, a well controlled light scheme as well as the continuity between inner and outer space. The strategic location of the central atrium, with a fountain and a small water pool works together with all the above stated elements providing an open air room well protected from the wind, a living space ideal for the transitional seasons.

Contributed by Kalogirou Nikos

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