200 Housings in 4 Towers in Parla

Construction year: 2007
Address: Av. de las Estrellas, 14, 28983 Parla | MADRID | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 40.23008, -3.75154

The 200 housings in 4 Towers in Parla depict the rendering of a common strategy it lifts us to a saving of the costs of performing derivative of the repetition in sequence and mass-production,at the same time that offers us the chance of a dialogue between the two blocks which contain the housings, they lay in a lot of socles shape from the concrete walls of closing ground floor throughout the removed band ventilation of them. The volumes of the housings are pierced with a set of cluster windows in holes with meant plastical claim, making quiver the crumbling of prefabricated panels of concrete.

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