36 BTrd

36 BTrd, Singapore, DP Architects
Construction year: 2011
Address: 36 Boon Teck Road | SINGAPORE | Singapore
Latitude/Longitude: 1.32694, 103.85017

This typical 3-storey plus roof terrace inter-terrace residential unit aims to demonstrate a New Sustainable Residential Typology for Landed Houses acclimatised to the Tropical Climate of Singapore. The architecture is driven by the principles of passive design and energy efficient systems are then supplemented to achieve ideal indoor environmental qualities (thermal and light qualities).

Given the site orientation of this terrace house is fixed at NW-SE frontage orientation, self shading using upper floor, balcony, shading devices, and landscaping are used to mitigate interior heat gain. Innovative external thermal plaster and high solar reflectance index external finishes is also used to further insulate against heat gain on critical envelops. Building planning and fenestration design is designed to encourage natural ventilation and cross ventilation. A central stairwell has enhanced stack effect of a traditional airwell due to the heated Photovoltaic skylight roof, allowing more draft within the house.

To harness the airflow, internal walls are predominantly full height sliding panels. Natural ventilation is also planned for in the scenario of monsoon seasons, tackling water penetration. Bedroom doors are detailed with sliding ventilation panels for cross-ventilation. Daylighting is uniformly distributed throughout the elongated terrace typology with central skylighting.

Principal Architect: Jaye Tan Jia Yee
Main Contractor: Lay Construction
Site Area: 137.3 sqm
Building Area: 284.97sqm (GFA)

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