4 Sports Sceneries

4 Sports Sceneries, Medellín - Colombia, Plan:b Arquitectos, Mazzanti Arquitectos
Construction year: 2009
Address: Cra. 72 #48-146 | MEDELLÍN | Colombia
Latitude/Longitude: 6.2554979, -75.5883447

Urban permeability + built continent
This competition required designing 4 independent sports units, but all of them had to be in the same area and close to each other. Our proposal understood the group of buildings as a single one, like a built continent that could take part in the same technical and spatial strategies and adapt to the timeframe of the construction program. This continent should be perforated and capable of allowing people to cross it. In this way we proposed mixing a semi-covered public space with the sports units and with gardens.

Urban position
The position of the sun and the direction of the winds in the Aburrá valley, linked to the existing planning of the site, determined the location of the buildings, of its stands and public walkways. The north and south façades are open to let the major winds go through, and the east and west façades face the stands and the eaves that control the morning and the afternoon sun. In this way, we are inside a simple, perpendicular bioclimatic diagram.

We proposed a geometrical roofing system of parallel strips aligned with the sun’s path to control it. These parallel bars, act again as a technical, spatial and bioclimatic pattern, they can stretch in the east-west direction and, they can be added or repeated in the north-south direction or they can gain height to fit the different sports requirements (basketball, gymnastics, fighting, and volleyball), or come down to provide cover from the sun.

Relationship with the mountains, structure, and details
These stripes are really a system of 7 parallel metallic trusses which vary its geometry and relate directly with the city’s mountainous or topographic context. A metallic column system (each made by three assembled columns), supports the roof system efforts and acts as rain gutters, conducing the water to the city drainage system. With a unique constructive detail (perforated façades, projecting stripes) we were able to solve through reiterating ways, bioclimatic, spatial and relational aspects.

We proposed a system of sports sceneries that do not require mechanical acclimatization. This was reached by using perforated façades that slow down the speed of the wind but let it permeate the building. The large eaves protect from direct sunlight. These perforated façades also allow people to see the activities happening inside the building and merge the public, exterior life with the indoor, recreational activities and sports.

Contributed by Plan:b Arquitectos and Giancarlo Mazzanti

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