650 Apartments

Construction year: 2006
Address: Mesarska Cesta 12 | LJUBLJANA | Slovenia
Latitude/Longitude: 46.0475858, 14.5237233

This project is one of the biggest housing developments in Ljubljana. There are 4 housing blocks containing a total of 640 apartments, with penthouses on top and a parking garage with 1200 parking spaces underneath. The 650 Apartments are sold under a financial scheme by the goverment so the construction costs had to be under 700 euro per apartment. That required a simple scheme of repetitive low-cost materials. The project proposed a façade that has 3 layers. The first is the main façade layer, made of concrete and coloured plaster. The second is made of glass, forming winter-loggias. The third is a layer of laminate cladding that forms a geometry of fences and balcony storages. Each building is formed by 4 equal modules with 42 apartments, staircases and elevators. The façade of these modules is equal but created in a way that can be connected and be mirrored in a geometry that does not seem repetitive.

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