8 House

8 House, Copenhagen, Bjarke Ingels Group
Construction year: 2010
Address: Richard Mortensens Vej | COPENHAGEN | Denmark
Latitude/Longitude: 55.617605, 12.571625

8 House is located in Southern Ørestad on the edge of the Copenhagen Canal and with a view of the open spaces of Kalvebod Fælled. It is a big house in the literal sense of the word. A house offering homes in all its bearings for people in all of life’s stages: young and old, nuclear families and singles, families that grow and families that become smaller. The bow-shaped building creates two distinct spaces, separated by the center of the bow which hosts the communal facilities of 500m².

At the very same spot, the building is penetrated by a 9-meter wide passage that connects the two surrounding city spaces: The park area to the west and the channel area to the east. Instead of dividing the different functions of the building – for both habitation and trades – in separate blocks, they have been spread out horizontally. The apartments are placed at the top, while the commercial program unfolds at the base of the building. As a result, the different horizontal layers have achieved a quality of their own: The apartments benefit from sunlight, fresh air, and the view, while the office leases merge with life on the street.

Collaboration: Hopfner Partners, MOE & Brodsgaard, KLAR
Partner-In-Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen
Project Leader: Ole Elkjaer-Larsen, Henrick Poulsen
Project Manager: Finn Norkjaer, Henrik Lund
Project Team: Dennis Rasmussen, Rune Hansen, Agustin Perez Torres, Annette Jensen, Carolien Schippers, Caroline Vogelius Wiener, Claus Tversted, David Duffus, Hans Larsen, Jan Magasanik, Anders Nissen, Christian Alvarez Gomez, Hjalti Gestsson, Johan Cool, James Duggan Schrader, Jakob Lange, Kirstine Ragnhild, Jakob Monefeldt, Jeppe Marling Kiib, Joost Van Nes, Kasia Brzusnian, Kasper Broendum Larsen, Louise Heboell, Maria Sole Bravo, Ole Nannberg, Pablo Labra, Pernille Uglvig Jessen, Peter Rieff, Peter Voigt Albertsen, Peter Larsson, Rasmus Kragh Bjerregaard, Richard Howis, Soeren Lambertsen, Eduardo Perez, Ondrej Tichy, Sara Sosio, Karsten Hammer Hansen, Christer Nesvik, Soeren Peter Kristensen, Lacin Karaoz, Marcello Cova, Luis Felipe González Delgado, Janghee Yoo, SunMing Lee
Client: St. Frederikslund Holding
Project Area: 61,000 sqm, 476 residences

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