Am Kaiserkai 04-08

Construction year: 2008
Address: Am Kaiserkai 04-08 | HAMBURG | Germany
Latitude/Longitude: 53.5419, 9.99181

The joint building venture Dalmannkai Fläche 5 GbR erected two apartment buildings and offices next to the future Tall Ship Harbour at the quarter’s north side. Their design, created by architects Marc-Olivier Mathez and Mevius Mörker, is quite unusual: a continuous deck joining both buildings at the first floor is particularly charming. Just like a balcony, it will offer views on the Magellan Terraces and the traditional tall ships. Some of the apartments are spread out over two levels featuring large glass areas. The various proprietors created their own designs based on their individual needs. The apartments have been occupied since October 2007.
(text from HafenCity Hamburg)

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