Am Kaiserkai 26-28

Construction year: 2008
Address: Am Kaiserkai 26-28 | HAMBURG | Germany
Latitude/Longitude: 53.5418, 9.9899

In the Dalmannkai quarter, construction will be starting soon on a prototype of the first-ever architecturally designed homes in the apartment building sector. The aim of the “home4” concept is to bring together under one roof a number of housing-design aspects normally considered mutually exclusive: high-end architecture, quality living spaces, highly individualised apartments, reasonable prices and a recognisable brand image.

The “home4” concept starts with a basic 80-square-meter (approx. 860 sq. ft.) apartment module that can be extended horizontally or vertically, as required. Each apartment will have its own unique quality features, as defined by its size, room configuration, fit-out, whether it is a simplex or duplex unit, and by its use of two-storey overhead spaces. The main design feature is that each apartment will be clearly differentiated from its neighbour at street-front level thanks to a spacious, front garden-like balcony structure that is separate to the thermal shell of the building. The project offers spacious, neutral floor plans for maximum flexibility, affording each tenant a maximum of personal identity and individuality, with each able to customise his/her apartment to his/her own needs and budget.

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