Anzac Hall

Construction year: 2004
Address: Treloar Crescent, Campbell ACT 2612 | CANBERRA | Australia
Latitude/Longitude: -35.2805, 149.149

ANZAC Hall extends the Australian War Memorial, providing 3,000 sqm of exhibition space to display the large technology relics in the Memorial’s collection, such as aircraft, vehicles, tanks and other ordnance.

The Australian War Memorial is sited at one of Canberra’s most important locations: the main Land Axis that defines the city plan and is therefore visually linked with Parliament House.  To preserve the historic view from ANZAC Parade, ANZAC Hall is positioned to the rear of the Australian War Memorial and is recessed into the landscape below and behind a wall, thereby minimizing the impact on the existing landmark.

The fan-shaped building comprises a long solid concrete wall that tapers dramatically to a thin edge at each end.  A dark thin curving roof cantilevers over the main body of the building, adopting the appearance of the wing of a military aircraft.  With no direct public access through its exterior, ANZAC Hall maintains an enigmatic presence on the site and provides a neutral backdrop to the Memorial.  Its palette of materials and colours is a fitting reminder of the military nature of the museum.

Client: Australian War Memorial
Exhibition Designers: Freeman Ryan
Project area: 3,000 sqm

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