Aomori Museum of Art

Construction year: 2005
Address: 185 Chikano, Yasuta | AOMORI | Japan | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 40.8221, 140.747

Aomori Museum of Art is the museum made up of a structure that is flat on top and uneven on the bottom overlaid on an earthen landscape that is crisscrossed with trenches. In addition to white cubical galleries inside the structure, there are interstitial spaces of different scales and proportions between the structure and the earth that serve as site-specific galleries. Parts of trenches that do not mesh with the structure are used as open-air galleries and work yards. The exterior wall is a brick curtain wall, but the joints that come with a curtain wall are concealed by having the exterior wall as a whole absorb any displacement. As a result, the building looks like a brick-constructions structure floating in the air. The trenches in the ground serve to relate the museum to the important Sannai Maruyama archeological site on nearby land.

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