Apartment Building De Zilverreiger

Construction year: 2005
Address: Oeverpad 502 | AMSTERDAM | Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude: 52.363547, 4.807737

The Oeverpad apartment complex is splendidly located on the edge of the Sloterplas and within walking distance of the Sloterpark. The brief called for a closed building block four to five stories high. Leaving out the side on the Sloterplas and stacking these apartments on the other three sides means that all 120 apartments have a view of the lake. In terms of height and use of material, the complex conforms to the surrounding buildings. In comparison with the thirteen storey Torenwijkflats the plan of the new nine storey building is large-scale. The four story north side is connected to the adjacent lower building.

Courtyard Garden
The spaciously designed entrance halls and corridors break the massive building volume and connect the interior space with the surroundings. The interior space contains 164 sunken parking lots blocked from view by a wooden deck. The deck is easily accessible for residents and lies so close to the water that it seems inserted into the greenery like a platform. A large square hole in the middle of the deck provides a view of the courtyard garden and admits a lot of light onto the parking level. Large trees give the inside space a park-like character and ensure privacy for the residents.

Steel Curtain
The building stands on a transparent plinth of glass and grating, so that it appears almost to float. The basis of the building consists of four stories of raw, orange-brown bricks that suit the natural quality of the surroundings. The upper floors look lighter because of the use of a lot of glass in which the sky is reflected. The courtyard facades are constructed from vertical wooden slats. The cool appearance of the perforated steel ‘curtain’ used to clad the access gallery ensures a lively contrast to the warm look of the wooden interior facades.

Size: 20,000 m2
Project Design: 2002 – 2003
Project Realisation: 2003 – 2005
Client: Proper-Stok Woningen b.v., Rotterdam
Program: Apartment building with 120 apartments varying from 104-168m2

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