Apartment Building in Melissia

Apartment Building in Melissia, Athens - Greece, Office 25 Architects
Construction year: 2012
Address: Alkiviadou & Aisxilou str., Melissia | ATHENS | Greece
Latitude/Longitude: 38.055, 23.8476

It is a three-floor apartment building which consists of three apartments, one on each floor, approximately 100sq m each. The building is located in the area of Melissia in Athens. The area is characterized by the high vegetation that creates an ideal housing environment.

The structure is organized in three volumes, the base, the main body and the top. The base is formed by the white horizontal shelter on the ground level. The main body is formed by the volumes of the first and the second floor and the top by the white shell that covers the apartment of the third floor. The main target of the architectural synthesis is the combination of simple materials and the creation of clear volumes in accordance with the marvelous view.

Entering into the plot, there is the main entrance to the elevator and the stairwell, as well as a piloti, with five car parking space. Each apartment has three bedrooms, a living room facing west and a kitchen. Balconies offer spectacular views to Penteli mountain and the city of Athens.

Contributed by Office 25 Architects

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