Apartment Building in Nea Smirni

Apartment building in Nea Smirni, Athens - Greece, MPLUSM architects
Construction year: 2007
Address: Egeou & Kokkoni str. | ATHENS | Greece
Latitude/Longitude: 37.9482, 23.7223

This apartment building occupies a corner site and has been designed so as to allow the apartments to connect equally to the two streets as well as to the back garden. The staircase has been placed on the side so as to allow on the ground floor a visual connection with the garden on the backyard. This corner arrangement allows the staircase to be clearly defined from the street, demarcated by a vertical zone of u-glass, a departure from the ill-lit circulation cores of conventional apartment buildings. The apartment building in Nea Smirni comprises of three typical apartments, a double height ground floor studio, as well as a three storied top apartment. This last apartment, defined by a series of horizontal blinds, has a pool adjacent to the master bedroom as well as a balcony that overlooks the double height living areas. The last floor with the pool and master bedroom frames an impressive view of the Acropolis.

Contributed by MPLUSM Architects

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