Arantzazu Cultural Centre

Construction year: 2005
Address: Sanctuary of Arantzazu | OÑATI | Germany | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 42.9796, -2.40076

The renovation of Arantzazu includes interventions that have been developed during the last four years to recover the environment around the Basilica of Arantzazu on its fifth centenary. These interventions had, on the one hand, the aim of adapting the physical environment (through a Special Program of Landscape Protection and an urbanization project of the Basilica’s outer doors that includes a tourist office and a parking); and on the other hand, the renovation of the Old Seminary and pelota courts to equip them as a new meeting place: Gandiaga Topagunea. In addition, a new place has been built next to the old chapel in order to host a sculpture donated by Jorge Oteiza. This building is known as Misterio.

A Group Of Stony Blocks

The cultural centre “Gandiaga Topagunea” is conceived as a group of stony blocks that are perforated by large holes, like an excavated void and horizontal cuts that open the building to the imposing natural landscape. The cultural centre holds cultural and exhibition programmes.

Design Team: Juan Biain Ugarte, Isabel Gordoa Mendizábal, Francisco Trujillo Baute, Jesús Sanz Castro, Juan Oroz Barbería, Patricia Biain Ugarte, Miguela Modrego Jiménez, Eduardo Ozcoidi Echarren, Juan Manuel Filice Viale, Pablo Branchi Borrell
Technical Architects: Michel Aldaz García-Mina, Saioa Iñurrategui Olalde, Fernando Azpiazu Ugarte, Ana Moral García, Edurne Urcelai Azpiazu, María López Morquecho
Engineering: GE& Asociados
Developer: Provincia Franciscana de Arantzazu
Contractor: AH& project management y Construcciones Ugarte S.L.
Built Surface: 8,400 +120 sqm
Urbanization Surface: 22,900 sqm

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