Arcade at Cyberport

Arcade at Cyberport, Hong Kong, Jerde Partnership
Construction year: 2005
Address: Cyberport Rd | HONG KONG | Hong Kong | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 22.26082, 114.12991

In 1997, Hong Kong’s government set out to create a new digital city, a strategic cluster of more than 100 technology companies employing 10,000 technology professionals. That vision is Cyberport, a 24-hectare community of class-A office space, a hotel and residential units. Jerde was asked to design a town center, or home page, for Cyberport to give residents, workers and visitors a place to meet and hang out when the workday is done.

Jerde created The Arcade at Cyberport as a real-world commercial center enhanced with the virtual exchange environment offered on the Internet. Retail, dining and enter­tainment tenants within The Arcade are equipped with high-speed Internet connectivity, enabling customers to shop online or receive promotional announcements and product infor­mation through personal electronic devices and mobile phones. Designed to celebrate the convergence of the ephemeral forces of technology and nature, The Arcade combines soph­isticated technology with generous landscaping and natural materials, while framing breathtaking views of Telegraph Bay. Its most memorable feature is a sleek roof lightly hovering over the main exhibition space that allows soft light in during the day and becomes a glowing beacon at night.

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