Archaeological Park in Grotta

Construction year: 1999
Address: Chora of Naxos | NAXOS | Greece
Latitude/Longitude: 37.1077, 25.3765

Part of the North coastline of Chora, Naxos is being gradually transformed into archaeological park in which one is allowed to see the excavated sites:

· At the small island of Palatia visitors follow a path around the Apollo temple.
· In front of the Cathedral (Metropolis) an “in situ” museum is built, sheltering, the Mycenaean ruins, as well as those of later periods. The three levels forming the square above the museum correspond to the historical stratification of the area.

The Museum
The site is arranged in such a way as to protect its finds and to present them to the public, exactly where they were uncovered. Layers of remains attest the continuity of human activity over 3500 years.
The open space above and around the museum is a public square.

The layout of the areas both below and above aims at transmitting potent messages associated with the place, such as the sanctity of the ancient cemetery, so that it functions as a memento mori even today.
The three levels into which the square has been split correspond to the historical stratigraphy of the site. The two systems of the synthesis refer to the axes of the ancient city and the surrounding churches.

Contributed by Agnes Couvelas

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