Archaeological Park of the Marathon Tumulus

Construction year: 2003
Address: Marathonas | ATHENS | Greece
Latitude/Longitude: 38.1179, 23.9784

Around the Marathon tumulus an archaeological park of 85,000 sq.m. is arranged to illuminate the historical battleground. Our intervention maintains the character of the plain, thus enhancing the Tumulus, this earthwork-like burial monument of a conical, strictly geometrical form whose shape repeats the maternal shape of the mountain. The landscaping is indigenous, similar to the one applied in ancient times. Accordingly, we used earthly materials but demanded precise marking to illustrate that the texture is the work of man and not of nature. The visit traces the periphery of the tumulus. A path defined by its material, crushed rock, intersects with a perceived, horizontal plane of planted flora like a fissure on the ground of a drained marsh thus alluding to the ancient site.

Contributed by Agnes Couvelas

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