Arena Zagreb

Construction year: 2008
Address: Laniste bb 10000 | ZAGREB | Croatia | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 45.7717, 15.9428

Arena Zagreb primarily has been planned as a central sports hall with 15.000 seating capacity for hosting the 2009 World Men’s Handball Championship.The Consortium composed of property developers Ingra and Trigranit engaged studio UPI-2M from Zagreb, especially for this project to create and produce complete design documentation for Arena Zagreb. At the very beginning of the schematic design development, by reviewing many examples worldwide, we realized that venues of such capacity cannot be profitable if sporting competitions are the only events possible to be held in them. Because of that, the primary accent of our engagement was to find and develop all those spatial and functional characteristics that will enable maximum flexibility of Arena Zagreb and allow it the possibility to host numerous events. This influence is mostly present in the flexibility of the grandstand, in preserving sufficient and various spaces reserved for athletes, other performers and event managers.

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