Armory Wharf Cafe

Armory Wharf Cafe, Sydney - Australia, Lahznimmo Architects
Construction year: 2008
Address: Blaxland Riverside Park, Jamieson Street (off Holker Street), Newington | SYDNEY | Australia
Latitude/Longitude: -33.8255193, 151.0638495

The Armory Wharf provides a unique site for a cafe, with striking 270 degree views across the Parramatta River to mangroves and the post industrial working wharf landscape. The design draws extensively on the existing materials and industrial and military themes of the site. The result is a new responsive layer of urban elements over the original working wharf site using a broad palette of materials such as, corten steel cladding and roofing, army camouflage netting, recycled timber, and mill finish aluminium.

The new boardwalk café structure takes full advantage of its urban waterfront site by focussing the dining outlook toward the river and the procession of activities along it. The Armory Wharf Cafe space has different degrees of openness and enclosure. Similar to the mangroves, which progressively get less dense towards the waters edge, the new cafe structure and roof appear to dissolve from solid, progressively becoming more filigree until it disappears altogether towards the waters edge.

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