Auditorium and Multifunctional Building

Construction year: 2003
Address: Calle la Cendeja, 21, 48550 Muskiz, Vizcaya | MUSKIZ | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 43.321899, -3.1197691

This project proposed a mixed-use building for the municipality of Muskiz with public functions (a small auditorium and a youth centre) and private functions (offices, bars and retail), organized by means of a public square with a covered gallery. The municipality of Muskiz is dominated by the presence of a big refinery, visible from the motorway from Bilbao to Santander. The public square is opened towards the south, the views and the sun; it is closed towards the north, to protect itself from the dominant winds and severe rainfalls and to conceal the ever-present view on the refinery and its chimneys. The auditorium is located at the west of the ensemble, as a detached and prismatic volume, directly linked with the latter area. On the other side the ensemble is bent and lowered to adapt itself to the scale and plan of the adjacent dwellings and urban fabric, creating a patio around which the youth centre is organized.

Design Team: Marta Parra, Juan Manuel Herranz y Laila Arias Hoffman
Assistant: Pepa Jiménez, Rodrigo Álvarez Llano, Jorge Garrudo Álamo, José Luis Remesal, Christian Álvarez Gómez (architetcs)
Client: Municipality of Muskiz
Area: 3,572 sqm
Cost: 2,400,500 euros

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