Azuchi House

Azuchi House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE
Construction year: 2013
Address: Azuchichonishioiso 995 | ŌMIHACHIMAN | Japan
Latitude/Longitude: 35.12397, 136.15464

“It seem to be small space, but which cause to feel big. ”
“It seem to closed space, but which is opened to other space. ”
“It seem to be internal space, but which makes you feel being external space. ”

We have tried to include such as conflicting sensations in Azuchi House, and create various and rich spaces. So we considered that “Make a ‘house’ in a house”.

First, we designed inside liberating space like outside. Next, we designed a BOX (‘house‘) enclose only the required privacy features in the house.

Thereby, small ‘house’ with different levels are appeared in the inside space, and which create a new space rich and diverse.

These new spaces gently connect family relationship and make the boundaries vague.


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