Barcelona Biomedical Research Park

Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, Barcelona - Spain, Brullet - De Luna Arquitectes + Albert de Pineda
Construction year: 2006
Address: Dr. Aiguader 88 | BARCELONA | Spain | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 41.3852966, 2.1938633

PRBB building has a total surface of more than 55.000 m2 and is located at a 9000 m2 site at Barcelona’s seafront by the Barceloneta beach, between Hospital del Mar and Arts hotel in the Olympic Village. It is a 117×74 meters building of 9 floors above and 3 floors underground with an elliptical shape and a high level of functional polyvalence. The building project has been carried out by a team of two prestigious architects: Manel Brullet and Albert de Pineda, to create a building that adopts the specific objectives of PRBB.

For the internal arrangement, the space needs and scientific synergy opportunities have been taken into account. For example, GRIB (IMIM-UPF) and CEGEN (UPF-CRG) have their own space although by different institutions. Furthermore, the building is equipped with a computing infrastructure and advanced information technology facilities, has common and relational spaces, a modern auditorium and one of the most advanced animal facility from a technological viewpoint.

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