Beach House in Las Arenas

Beach House in Las Arenas, Lima, Peru, Javier Artadi
Construction year: 2004
Address: Las Palmeras | LIMA | Peru
Latitude/Longitude: -12.74759, -76.62912

Beach House in Las Arenas consists of a small house on a beach a hundred miles south of Lima and explores the expansion of the conventional uses of a beach house.

To that end, a container box has been created, a space that integrates the living-dining room and terrace with pool, within which various elements have been designed (conventional and unconventional furniture) that offer multiple use options.

Architecturally, the volume has been strategically perforated along some planes in order to control sunlight and to achieve a selective visual approach (towards the sky, the sea, etc.), and it has been deliberately suspended above the garden to add an air of weightlessness and freedom to the architectural experience of the users.

Functionally, the main volume is surrounded by sleeping and service areas. There the kitchen and master bedroom can be found, which are both visually connected with the terrace and pool, and through them, with the skyline.

Gross Square Footage: 2,314.32 Ft2 / 238.00 m2
Project Assistant: Oscar Luyo (Project Management), Ivan Navas (Visual Presentation)
Engineer(S): Engineer Jorge Indacochea (Structural), Engineer Roberto Mayorga (Electrical), Engineer Angel Dall´Orto (Plumbering)

Contributed by Artadi Arquitectos

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