Becton Dickinson Campus Center

Becton Dickinson Campus Center, Paterson-New Jersey - United States, RMJM
Construction year: 2008
Address: Howe Buidling, 1 Becton Dr, Franklin Lakes | PATERSON-NEW JERSEY | United States
Latitude/Longitude: 41.0169755, -74.2111939

Becton Dickinson selected RMJM Hillier for the design of their new 38,000-square-foot Campus Center. Located on Becton Dickinson’s corporate headquarters campus, the new building houses the cafeteria, café, company store and other retail amenities.

The sensitivity of the siting of the first buildings almost 20 years ago is still evident in the relationship between the buildings and the land. The “great lawn” spreads out between the buildings, embraced by the woodlands below. The new dining facility requires an even greater sensitivity to the land because of the existing structures on either side. It is truly seen from all sides, even above. The design is informed by its siting, shaped as a building with no back. It has the opportunity to open to views of the remaining lawn and woodlands.

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