Bentini Headquarters

Bentini Headquarters, Ravenna - Italy, Piuarch
Construction year: 2011
Address: via Deruta 24, 48018 Faenza | FAENZA | Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 44.31034, 11.90307

Set amidst the farmlands of Faenza surrounded by the Romagna hillsides, Bertini’s new business and administration headquarters are composed of two linear structures, one for offices and the other acting as a storage, archiving and services warehouse. The building holding the offices is set parallel to the lower construction, a warehouse hidden from view by a sloping plain that rises up from the last level to cover the entire building. This transforms the structure into a man-made hill interacting closely with its rural location. The spatial layout of the two structures creates a shaded area in-between them forming an internal plaza.

The office section is set back in relation to the roadway. The ground floor level has wide glass surfaces: the transparent side of the ground floor allows surrounding nature to flow into the building. This structure has a simple, functional and flexible layout providing spaces that can adapt to the client’s miscellaneous, ever-changing needs. The simplicity of the layout is matched by that of the building fronts, which all have their own distinctive traits.

The south front overlooking the road features a modular, geometric grid of adjustable sun filters superimposed with the glazed curtain surface. This means the facade is divided into rectangular sections of different sizes set out in a very precise and proportioned pattern.

The use of these architectural features, which gives the elevation a very sculptural look, creates different chiaroscuro effects at different times of the day. The building is also perceived differently according to the onlookers viewpoint: the shielding features inject the structure with notable dynamism and motion, further emphasized by shadows cast by the sunlight. Moving around the building, the elevation reveals its mutating nature through a sequence of solid structures and spaces alternating according to the viewpoint.

Whereas the south elevation acts as a filter between the inside setting and outside space, the rear side facing north looks like a glazed curtain surface.

This allows the north elevation to completely open up to the Romagna countryside. Both building fronts strive to interact with the setting, only in different stylistic ways: the south front creates a filter, whereas there is no mediation on the opposite front.

Team leader: Salvatore Seggio
Piuarch team: Yusuke Aizawa, Momoko Asano, Ilan Balouka, Filippo Carcano, Erica Cazzaniga, Viola Corbari, Marco Dragoni, Davide Fascione, Niccolò Genesio, Luca Mazzeo, Michele Megna, Elena Migliorati, Nicola Pelucchi, Jenny Spagnolatti, Giorgio Terraneo
Structural design and M&E design: Euro Engineering S.r.l.
Lighting design: Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design
Landscape design: MMASS Studio Associato

Contributed by Piuarch

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