Berliner Tor Center

Berliner Tor Center, Hamburg, Netherlands, Störmer Murphy and Partners
Construction year: 2004
Address: Beim Strohhause 31 | HAMBURG | Germany
Latitude/Longitude: 53.5534, 10.0224

Berliner Tor Center is a building complex consisting of two distinctive office towers and an enveloping structure adjoining the listed former police headquarters dating from 1962. The new buildings respectfully flank the refurbish high-rise block, which is meanwhile considered a landmark of the city. Together, the three volumes create an exciting urban ensemble. The towers are visible from a great distance in the city silhouette and define a prominent point at the main traffic artery approaching the inner city from the east. The colourful design of the façade with strips of film lends the new buildings an unmistakable identity and provides a point of orientation in the city. Selected colour strips are backlit and ensure the buildings’ strong presence at night. Small urban squares and public passageways are created between the tower blocks, with their special atmosphere being generated by the reflections on the glass façades. One-storey, wood-clad pavillions and a residential building with a green exposed concrete façade form an interesting contrast to the glass architecture of the office buildings. The varied architectural structures of the complex correspond with the project‘s mixed use of office, residential and retail areas.

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