Berry Sports and Recreation Centre

Berry Sports and Recreation Centre, Berry - Australia, Allen Jack+Cottier
Construction year: 2007
Address: 660 Coolangatta Road | BERRY | Australia | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: -34.7929, 150.703

The NSW Sport and Recreation Centre at Berry in southern New South Wales comprises of a collection of institutional buildings which cater to school and community groups, families and the corporate sector. Facilities include a heated swimming pool, tennis courts, a multipurpose oval, and organised programs for outdoor sports such as canoeing, kayaking, rope climbing and bushwalking.

Situated within an established landscape of gardens and trees, the centre is on a further 60 hectares of prime agricultural farmland. The new Recreation Hall, designed by Allen Jack+Cottier, is located on the threshold between an established area and adjacent grazing land. The hall extends on the range of indoor activities currently available at the centre.

Alluding to the modest form of an agricultural farm shed, the building is clad in heavy, more durable precast concrete. This material has been transformed by the perforation of starlight holes, giving an otherwise hardline structure a playful edge and newfound lightness and light. Internally, shafts of sunlight constantly animate the floor, changing in intensity and colour. In the evenings the light source is reversed, and the building itself becomes a glowing array of starlights reminiscent of the memorable country sky above.

Contributed by Allen Jack+Cottier

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