Boutique Patrick Roger

Boutique Patrick Roger, Paris, France, XTU Architects
Construction year: 2012
Address: 3 place de la Madeleine | PARIS | France | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 48.86929, 2.32351

Boutique Patrick Roger was the discovery of the work, sculptures and workshop Patrick Roger. Through him the chocolate has emerged as a world of flavor, taste, and as a material for reversible property changes state from solid to liquid state.

It is primarily a mesmerizing, almost haunting aroma that envelops the visitor, then the chocolate itself out of the liquid chocolate machine, with this round and silky movement which belongs only to chocolate, and finally sculptures whose internal structure, secret under their surface was performed in tubes of chocolate!

The project synthesizes architecturally these three dimensions:

– A sculpture ‘hollow’, a captivating world that retains the aroma as a ‘bubble of aroma’.
– Voluptuous shapes like the taste of chocolate.
– Round shapes stretched like liquid chocolate.

Collaborateurs: Baptiste Dielh, Javier Visozo, Sylvain Raillard
Lighting Design: 8’18’ENGINEER: TESS
Entreprise: Paneta / Segam
Surface / Contents: 157m ² floor / r 1 [arch aluminum window by XTU], 5124 aluminum tubes of 72 mm / 7.2 km

Contributed by X-TU Architects

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