Brainpark Rotterdam Office Villa

Brainpark Rotterdam Office Villa, Rotterdam - Netherlands, Broekbakema
Construction year: 2009
Address: Bahialaan 100 | ROTTERDAM | Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude: 51.9192, 4.53782

A building with a dynamic heart. OVG project development has already developed a number of parcels in Brainpark III office complex. In association with future tenant Faasen & Partners Advocaten, OVG sought an architect to design an attractive and inspiring office building for Parcel 4. Sustainability was a special point of focus for this project. We were selected to design this through an architect selection procedure.

Six office villas grouped in two clusters of three serve as a transition between the high-rise office buildings of Brainpark III and the Fascinatio residential area. All the office villas rest on a green embankment. Half-sunk into this embankment and hidden from the street view are the parking areas. The cohesion of the six villas is emphasized by the green embankment, a single building line and a fixed height of four layers. Another aspect was the common inspiration of the imagery – especially the modernistic, robust forms and attention for the individual character of the villa through sections and accents.

We have opted for a modest and understated design.
Our building is robust and transparent with a multi-sided orientation. The building has a single skin that is wrapped around the building, as it were, emphasizing the villa’s multi-sided aspect. Tailored to the scale and dimensions of the villa, this skin forms a fixed attribute and lends the villa a sculptural and representative character. Large rectangular windows highlight the transparent quality of the villa, while the staggered and corner-spanning placement of the windows underscore its multi-sidedness. The skin is cut into at three places, creating accents in the shape of an entrance, access to the terrace and a bay window with a view over the water.

The large windows are visually held together by white stucco, and in concert they form the skin of the building. A certain tension is created by the relative proportions of the large windows and the stucco, giving a contemporary interpretation of modernism to the building.

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