Brazilian National Congress

Construction year: 1958
Address: Praça dos 3 Poderes | BRASÍLIA | Brazil
Latitude/Longitude: -15.79973, -47.86413

The Brazilian National Congress is bicameral and comprises the Senate of Brazil (the Senate) and the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies (Lower House). Since the 1960s, Congress has its headquarters in Brasilia.

Like most government buildings in the city, was designed following the style of modern Brazilian architecture. Located to the left hemisphere is the seat of the Senate, and that is to the right is the headquarters of the Chamber of Deputies. These include two office towers. The Congress also occupies other surrounding buildings, some of which are interconnected by a tunnel.

Its location as an end point of the axis of the monumental city forced this book to be an icon of the city and therefore the country. Therefore should be able to maintain its even from a distance, as can be seen from distant viewpoints abnormally, not something that happens with most of the buildings located in city centers.

The building is full of duality. On the one hand the horizontal line that creates the building session, and since the distance is indistinguishable from the soil of the square, in contrast with the verticality of the two office towers which in turn set the flag, making which is easily reachable from almost anywhere in the city. On the other side on the horizontal surface that generates the deck of the building where meetings are placed opposing surfaces, one concave and one convex, and hosting them in the senate and chamber of deputies.

Photos contributed by Plínio Dondon.

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