Campus Repsol in Méndez Álvaro

Campus Repsol in Méndez Álvaro, Madrid, Spain, Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys
Construction year: 2013
Address: C/Méndez Álvaro, 44 | MADRID | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 40.39877, -3.68383

Located in Mendez Alvaro, the basic idea of Campus Repsol is to build a business campus in the heart of the city of Madrid. The buildings occupy the perimeter which opens up space for a landscaped garden in the center of the plot. The main aim was to create an atmosphere similar to a “cloister” of a monastery.

The new headquarters will be composed of four buildings allocated around an interior courtyard that will be one of the key points of the project.

The composition of stepping forth and back volumes creates a strong and expressive volumetric play. The main section shows how the typical floors are framed by steel beams. The completely glazed envelope creates bow sections. The steel beams have a very thin section of 20 cm which allows the boxes to be appreciated.

The entire construction contains a gross floor area of 130.000 sqm which will be placed on a plot area of 32.000 sqm and will have the four buildings, the interior will have shared spaces and common landscaped areas.

The new building will have capacity to hold 4,000 people and a two-storey underground car park for 2,000 vehicles.

Design of open spaces of the new central headquarters under consideration of high ecological standards (LEED – Certification)

Core of the open spaces is the 10.000 m² central courtyard shaded by mature native pine trees. It offers various opportunities to meet, relax or savour the coolness of the 25m wide water casquade or the view on the decorative planting of the raised planting beds for the over 4.000 employees.

On the upper levels of the building, terraces shaded by climbers provide intimate outdoor spaces and improve the microclimate during the heat of the Spanish summer. All elements are designed corresponding with the structure of the building: Large-scale paving slabs, planting beds, water basin and the trees. Selection of plant species adapted to the climate, light reflecting materials, water management with cisterns and careful lighting help to meet the high standards of LEED® certification for sustainability.

Project Directors: Jesús Román, Concha Peña, Marcus Lassan, Carolina Fernández
Head Of Design: Hugo Berenguer
Project Team: Conchi Cobo, Guillermo Vidal, Bodo Schumacher, Laura Díaz, Hubert Lionnez, María Millán, Guillermo Cervantes, Beatriz Heras, Zaloa Mayor, María Martínez, Miguel García, Irene Zurdo, And María Iglesias.
Quantity Surveyors: Alberto González, Amaya Díaz De Cerio, Mercedes Esteban And José Luis Gonzalo.
Interior Design: Elena López De Meneses, Loreto Muñoz-Aycuens, Adriana Rodríguez And Aner [Aguirre Newman + Enrica Rosellini]
Graphics: Luis Muñoz And Daniel Roris
Models: Fernando Mont And Víctor Coronel
Built-Up Surface:
Total Built Surface: 123.400 m2
Surface Of Urbanization: 21.000 m2
Total Built Surface Above Ground: 66.803,80 m2
Construction Company: Sacyr S.A.U.
Structures Engineering: Nb 35
Installations Engineering: R. Úrculo
Landscape Project: Latz+Partner In Collaboration With Rafael De La-Hoz Arquitectos: Javier Monge, Felix Metzler, Dörte Dannemann, Daniela Strasinsky And Thibault Le Marie

Contributed by Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys

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