Casa Club Bosque Altozano

Construction year: 2009
Address: Golf course of Bosque Altozano | MORELIA | Mexico
Latitude/Longitude: 19.7028, -101.192

The building occupies a natural ledge on a hillside looking towards the panoramic valley of Montaña Monarca, in Morelia, Mexico. The building has been conceived as a homogenous stone mass, hollowing out a huge opening that slopes from ceiling to floor, framing the hillside panorama. A sloped celosia grid meant to evoke renaissance perspective drawings was placed in the middle of the core in order to distort and emphasize the view.

The amber light filtering through the artisanal stained glass placed on the celosia window blends with the colored space, generating a chromatic continuity that during the course of the day moves imperceptibly through an endless scale of oranges, red and yellows. Light also enters through two wooden skylights located in the middle of the room, helping to balance the colored light that comes from the window.

A few rich, tactile materials were used in combination with the light to create a strong ambiance. Apart from the timber on the roof, the house consists of a steel frame covered by local stone, all recovered from the infrastructure works.

The program inside the house consists of a dining space, an open terrace, and a lounge area, dressing room and kitchen.

The building resides effortlessly on a soft slope with privileged views absorbed by the wide open façade that frames the natural panorama with an inviting forced perspective effect caused by the asymmetric glassed walls of the foyer. Lounge area, dining space and an open terrace are the interior program.

Ceramic, amber and terracotta shades dominate the surfaces blending the House with the surroundings. This effect is granted by local stone used on the walls and floors, covering the steel structure. Timber roof and other wooden materials on the inside confirm the elegant and masculine appeal. That’s Mexico alright.

Client: Bosque Altozano
Design phase: 2006
Construction Phase: 2007 – 2009
Total Area: 800 m2
Team Credits: Jorge Covarrubias + Benjamin Gonzalez Henze with Said Arias, Omar Martinez
Structure: Ing. Ricardo Camacho
Electrical: Islas Ingeniería
Interior Design: Parque Humano
Landscape Design: Parque Humano
Lighting Design: Parque Humano, Arten Luz, Javier Ten
General Contractor: Bosque Altozano
Awards: Mexico Architecture Biennale 2010

Contributed by Parque Humano

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