Casa Gilardi

Casa Gilardi
Construction year: 1976
Address: General León 84, Miguel Hidalgo, San Miguel Chapultepec I Sección | MEXICO CITY | Mexico
Latitude/Longitude: 19.41413, -99.18628

In a narrow area of ​​10×36 meters, Louis Barragán being 80 years is making his latest project, the Casa Gilardi. The house is located in the Federal District of Mexico, in Tacubaya district, which has mutated in recent years. However, it appears that the neighborhood was not what attracted the architect. Barragán accepted the job based on two factors that attracted him: the huge Jacaranda tree, which had to remain in the sun and the indoor pool which was one of the requirements of the owner.

In Barragán’s works the dialogue with the environment is reflected which was always accompanied with modern design concepts and fantastic elements, too. The colors, the textures, the components are the product of the Mexican culture. The influence of painters such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kalho was appeared in his works, especially in this house. Regarding the use of colors, he said: “In my work as an architect, the colors and the lights were always one of the fundamental elements for the creation of an architectural space, and may differ in their perception.”

The atrium has a very vibrant purple color. Indeed, the color of the wall was influenced by the blue ambient taken from a famous painting of Chucho Reyes. Chucho Reyes had an excellent eye for color. The wall of the pool is rose and it is reflected in the water so it brings light to the region and improves the overall image. An axis along the ground provides the floor plan synthesis and thus a small urban space is created with extroversion to the road leaving absolutely private the spaces inside. The small but powerful red volume that is on the road facade decomposes as it goes inside in the small courtyard and it ends up to embrace the tree that was preserved. The owner of the house chose a traditional structure of masonry, according to the local network and in proportion with environment. A deduction on the second floor creates a terrace surrounded by high walls that protect the house from external factors.

The house is built entirely of brick covered with stucco finish with a texture that is characteristic of Mexico. The interior is painted and has a very smooth texture so that the light spreads everywhere without many shadows.

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