Casa Ponce

Casa Ponce, Buenos Aires - Argentina, Mathias Klotz
Construction year: 2003
Address: Pedriel 1540 | BUENOS AIRES | Argentina
Latitude/Longitude: -34.65274, -58.38491

Casa Ponce is a comission for a family house in a neighborhood of the forties in Buenos Aires.

The site is extremely large and narrow with huge vegetation at the sides, and it has a great view to the La Plata River. It has a level difference between the river and the street above.

The idea is to leave an open view to the river, so that the house don’t separate the site in a back and front area.

The program develops two floating volumes and half a basement.

In the main floor there are the public spaces, kitchen, terraces and a pool, forming a complete glass volume visually related with the site in every direction.

In the upper level there are the bedrooms in a more close volume than the preceding one, and related with the roof-terrace.

In the basement the laundry, machines room, and services room are placed.

The house sets up a volumetric and structural relation, so that the massive bar containing the bedrooms rest over a glass volume that at the same time floats over a somehow sunken base of the sides containing the services spaces.

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