Casalunga Golf Resort

Casalunga Golf Resort, Castenaso - Bologna, Antonio Iascone
Construction year: 2007
Address: Via Cà Bel Fiore, 8 | CASTENASO | Spain | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 44.4934, 11.4599

Casalunga Golf Resort has a plan that calls for the creation of five new buildings, a swimming pool and a summer refreshment stand to integrate and replace the services provided by the old Club House. The new constructions house the reception area, the Club House, a large changing room, equipment storage areas and a fitness center alongside the swimming pool and sun-bathing area with an outdoor snack bar and eight guest rooms. This project is situated in an area bordered by the geometric grids typical of farmland on one side, and the sinuous landscape inherent in riverside properties on the other.

The golf course is located on the site of a former gravel quarry where an artificial lake has been created in the ex-quarry pit, today an integral part of the course. Typical farmland elements (gullies, ditches, furrows) have been re-interpreted by walkways along the north-south axis flanked by rows of pyramidal hornbeams from which the rest of the complex branches out. The buildings are lined up in a straight pattern reminiscent of the patchwork of farmers’ fields to the east of the walkway, while their layout on the western side is staggered, recalling the meandering course of the river. Respect for the history of this land played a major role in influencing the unique choice of materials for completing this project.

Grass floor area: 3.000
Cost of contruction: 5.000.000 Euro
Architect and project management: Antonio Iascone
Team leader: Andrea Gadani
Team: Francesca Galasso, Silvia Malaguti, Sara Mazzoli
Structural engineers: Luca Turrini, Fabio Passaretti
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers: Raff
Lighting Design: Chiara Rinolfi
Hotel Interior Design: Laura Gasparini
Landscape Design: Studio Silva
General Contractor: B.M.V. Costruzioni
Doors, Windows, Shutters: Arcof
Timber work: Il Parquet & Co.
Exterior Timber Furnishing: Teak Park Line
External Greenery: Garden Dall’ Olio
Swimming pool: MT Costruzioni
Interior and Exterior Furnishing: Intek, Modular, S.D.R. Engineering
Tiles flooring and Cladding: Marazzi
External cement Flooring: Levocell
Bathroom Equipment: Boffi, Flaminia, Pom d’Or
Lighting: Viabizzuno, Martini Lighting, Ares, Axo
Acoustic: Bose, RCF
Textile: Quadrant, Baumann
Window Frames and Glazed Facades: Schüco
Web Project and technologies: Gecod
Copywriting: AdmCom

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