Castellana 79

Castellana 79, Madrid, Spain, Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys
Construction year: 2012
Address: 79 Paseo de la Castellana | MADRID | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 40.44767, -3.69197

In the financial and commercial centre of the city is located Castellana 79 building, neighbor of one of the best buildings of offices in Madrid (BBVA Building).

With a markedly urban character it presents a magnificent opportunity to answer to the city in two very different scales:
-an urban scale, represented by the most important street in Madrid: ‘El Paseo de la Castellana’.
-and other more domestic scales, represented by a prominent square/plaza with a pedestrian character.

These urban premises and requests of the customer (singular but discreet building at the same time) make conditional from the beginning the idea of the project.

The building has a façade neutral, abstract, flat, alive, with volume. Lights and shadows that change and clarify the smooth skin of glass with different finishes proposed, with the passage of the day and the seasons of the year. Opacity and transparency. Reflex and subdued. Brilliant and without shine. Reflections and shadows that are never the same.

Flat glasses as squares: dark and white (the color of the steel of the BBVA). Glasses in volume with shadows and reflections as a three-dimensional board: steel and glass separated by mirrors, which increase the feeling of weightlessness of this second skin.

Steel parts that show or hide (depending on point of view) the dark squares of the chessboard of the inner skin.

Ultimately a facade with “life” which depending from and when you observe, vibrates with the sunlight or shuts off without the direct incidence of this.

Design Architects: Francisco Arévalo, Hugo Berenguer
Project Director: Angel Rolán Construction
Supervisor Architect: Juana Ponsoda
Project Manager: Paola Merani, Architect
Computer Graphics Design: Luis Muñoz, Daniel Roris
Architects In Collaboration: Ignacio Jaso, Javier Gómez, Carmen Salinas, Encarnación Sánchez, Marta Tobias, Victor Coronel
Models: Victor Coronel, Fernando Mont
Building Engineers: Elena Elósegui Górriz, Francisco Javier Fernández Martín
Consulting Engineers: Úrculo Ingenieros Consultores, S.L.
Structures Engineering: Estai, Otep Internacional
Site Manager: Rafael De La-Hoz Castanys
Construction Project Manager: F. Javier Fernández/ Elena Elósegui

Contributed by Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys

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