Castro Cafeteria (JMI University)

Castro Cafeteria (JMI University), New Delhi - India, Romi Khosla Design Studios
Construction year: 2008
Address: Okhla Rd | NEW DELHI | India
Latitude/Longitude: 28.561, 77.2824

This canteen was proposed as a “Semi open-air Café”. This allowed to have an ambient temperature for most of the year along with a good ventilation, and a variety of degrees of shade from the climate.

Throughout this changing sense of interior and exterior, the eating surfaces continue, almost acting like stitches that tie this entire space together.

The idea was to try and blur the boundaries between inside and outside, where these undefined boundaries act as a negotiator between the user and the climate of Delhi.

All the elements of the building are defined distinctly and independent from each other. The walls don’t touch the floor and the roof does not touch the walls. This was the first steel building built at the university campus.

Contributed by Romi Khosla Design Studios

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