CB 30

Construction year: 2006
Address: Calderón De La Barca 30, Col. Polanco, México DF | MEXICO CITY | Mexico
Latitude/Longitude: 19.4293, -99.1996

CB 30 has 3 apartments looking to the street, as well as a two-story house in the back that looks into an indoor patio. The public areas taken into a single space facing the street or an open interior space. There is a spectacular tree in front of the building, and a view to the Polanco Park. These conditions became the central design objective, as we wanted to flood the interior out to the street and the park. To this end, the facade responds to the principle of eliminating obstructions between the inside and outside areas, generating openness and continuity. Working with structural geometry in CB 30, we managed to support the 15 m. span on a 40 cm slab with no columns that could interfere with the view; we then sharpened the floor slabs and walls to the minimum, hiding the edges within the facade.

Architectural Project: Dellekamp Arquitectos|Derek Dellelkampand Juan Pablo Maza
Project Leader: Juan Pablo Maza, Aisha Ballesteros
Team: Alin Vázquez, Arais Reyes, Sandra Ortiz, Veronica Alatorre

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